Daily Archives: April 5, 2021

seeing red

the anger fades in lurid liquid shades of burgundymerlotsangria ,and the claret-y comes in wine and waves,saves us slowly sip by sip.  we slip our hands together in prayerand painand praise of slight squashed dreams and mangled grapes.  Linda’s got a great word for us over at dVerse … Continue reading

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the first grimace of a fractured moon

has us grinning, too and fused to the dancefloor of this star-stung sky. 

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the first stone

Sometimes, I guess there just aren’t enough rocks. – Forrest Gump  thrown, it stings and things may never (ever) be the same.  held, it burns and turns over in your (angry, hungry)hand.  buried, it still carries all that (wait…wait…)weight.  dropped, it stops.               (plop.) ponders heart. embraces grace.   PAD Challenge day 5.

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