Altered States

I am at home everywhere, and nowhere. I am never a stranger and I never quite belong.    – Georges Simenon 

Fold the map at the middle 
and you’ll find 
the places she’s lived: 

born in Victorville, CA
and then Florida (both coasts) 
by way 
of NC. 

Ohio is fine if you’ve got family,
but AZ was a little Rough (Rock). 

Beatty, NV is a
sweet place to be, 
especially if you’re 12 and have a 

Of course,
Pahrump’s about the same, 
lame as a high schooler
but in retrospect, a fine place 
to spend the last of childhood, 
some bartered dreams,
a thousand tears. 

Now follow those dusty trails to 
Las Vegas, then Henderson, NV. 
And that former Air Force Brat, 
now how ’bout that? 

She’s been settled here 33 years. 

PAD Challenge, day 6.

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2 Responses to Altered States

  1. this was a really enjoyable Bio trip down memory lane – loved the fourth stanza especially as it made me smile too

    and these lines so touching:
    “some bartered dreams,
    a thousand tears. “

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