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lady i swear by all flowers

he keeps doing that.  all of you, really. swearing by us, calling us by any other names. (not so sweet.)  some of us are seeing red. some of us are feeling blue. (like i said, sugar, not so sweet.)  and you?  seriously. get a … Continue reading

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luna, see?

call me half -crazy, some crescent-style smile, but sometimes that’s all of me i let you see.  i’ve got a darker side.  howl away.  but call me full, and i’ll show you, fool:  whether i’m giving you the cold shoulder, out for bloodor feeling blue, i’m always  waxingwaning  crazy like … Continue reading

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persona john grata

they call me porcelain throne, head (of what, pray tell?), latrinepowder room crapper loo.  but(t), youknow what? it’s time to shut your potty mouth.  truth is, i’m tanked. plumb(-ing) stuck.  wiped out.  i’m not just yourcomfort station.  this is a dirty job, really, the pits. #1: your aim’s to blame. #2: it stinks! you just sit and … Continue reading

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