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get this to someone important when i move on

hubs is best, of courseunless we have somehow gone together in a fabulous perfect timing sort of thing (sorry, kids). donate every part of me you canand burn the rest. i’ll not have any-one carrying ’round what’s left in some sort of macabre parade. (hey, i’m not … Continue reading


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Get Thee to a Punnery

To flee or not to flee, now that’s the thing, the rub that flubs us by the final scene. We wonder, do we bow to numbered king? Exit stage left, or somewhere in between?  It’s Greek to me, we say in foreign tongueand … Continue reading

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Git Blanks

Cuz nobody really wantsta kill anybody, right? We just wanna scare ’em. So when he gits here with his henchmen and his harem and starts haranguing us about the loan, we git to firin’. By the time they realize it’s all noise, just sound and smoke, we git halfway to the … Continue reading

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