get this to someone important when i move on

hubs is best, 
of course
we have somehow gone 
together in a fabulous 
perfect timing sort of thing 
(sorry, kids).

donate every part of me you can
and burn the rest. i’ll not have any
-one carrying ’round what’s left 
in some sort of macabre parade. 
(hey, i’m not in there, anyway.) 

wear blue.
it makes my eyes happy.

sparkly fairy lights 
would be a nice touch, 
if they don’t feel like too much. 

do not read any of the normal 
Bad Funeral Poetry. gah. something 
by Cummings is okay. or better yet, 
something funny by Shel. Maybe some
-thing i wrote. some 
psalms, but only the happy ones 
that boast of hope. 

nope, no somber nonsense or she 
was all this or this 
or that. 

she tried. maybe it 
was enough. maybe it wasn’t. 
she loved. 
she hopes she was kind. that’s all. 

some gorgeous fall, 
when it’s all simmered down 
to words and ash, go to my Lake 
and blow me loose to breeze. 

if you want to visit with me sometimes, 
just talk to the trees. 


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1 Response to get this to someone important when i move on

  1. flicker says:

    “some gorgeous fall,
    when it’s all simmered down
    to words and ash“


    This is an amazing poem.

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