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13th summer

she rules the world (the sky, the breeze, the trees) from the back of a horse.  of course, school starts soon and the boys will come a-wooing and she’ll chew on their flattery (both acrid and sweet),so different from the alfalfa sprigsshe’s used to.  she’ll trot to … Continue reading


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Sentencing the Moon (a Sestina)

The moon’s a sentenced convict in a star-barred sky, bold in her great-ness. She’s asked Orion’s belt to play her something snappy, some happy race along the Milky Way. We admire her season -ed song, the wolf-toned reason she howls her voice.  The day’s … Continue reading

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Sevenling (Convicted)

Convicted by sunrise the changing seasonthe wayward voice of a shifting breeze ,  we play at staying chasing a lost raceholding greatness on hungry tongues. The day holds sentences we cannot serve.  

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the secret shenanigans of smallish dragons

they race, their faces turned to saffron -seasoned sun, their embered voices raging ona play of roar and soar and con-viction of great rising moon.  :: PAD Challenge, day 12.

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17 syllables

for when the day has been wall-to-wall wonder, too sunset-struck for words.  :: PAD Challenge, day 11.

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