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Jasmine’s Story {Anybody got a spare lamp?}

The magic carpet ride was fine, if you like that sort of thing. She’s kind of set her sights on raging seas.  If anybody ever offered her three (fat chance) wishes, they’d be these:  A pirate ship.  A nice long trip. And she’ll take that sassy evil … Continue reading


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Wolf Stories

They’ve gotten a bad rap, really,all that huff-ing and puffing and blowing things down and making little pigs and boys cry, and dressing like grandma and eating people. (Calm down now, it was one person, and after all, she had him seeing Red.)  Whether you’re made of sticks or … Continue reading

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Snow’s Story

No telling whether or not he was the apple of her eye (after all, she was dead asleep).  She’s given it a try, but all she knows                   (hi-ho) is now there’s this cottage to keep, and seven grumpy, dopey, bashful, happy,sneezy, sleepy (what’s for dinner, what’s up) doc mouths to feed while he’s … Continue reading

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Sea Story

It’s got legs, this one(at least she did for awhile); hey, all she had to do was trade her voice.  Her choice, she just wanted a thing-a-ma-bob or two, maybe a sand-in-toes stroll on the beach with the hot guy from the boat, but then … Continue reading

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Slipper Story

Cinderella (dressed in yella, or maybe princess baby blue) is oh-my-gourd tired of all this bibbidi bobbidi boo -sheet nonsense of waiting for her (someday) prince to come.  She isn’t made of glow or glass, and you can bet your (ask the fairy godmother) broom she’s got more than chores and … Continue reading

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Long Story, Short

Rapunzel’s had enough, and she’s about to leave this damn tower of her own un-tressed power, just cut on outta here, just as soon as she can find some shears.  PAD Challenge, day 15.

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