Sea Story

It’s got legs, this one
(at least she did for awhile)
hey, all she had to do was trade her voice. 

Her choice, 
she just wanted a thing-a-ma-bob 
or two, maybe a sand-in-toes stroll 
on the beach with the hot guy 
from the boat, but then the evil squid 
got in her bid, 
and that was that. 

It all fell pretty flat
(her voice, the stuff, the guy), 
the haphazard happy ending. 

’Cuz see, here’s the thing: 
her future’s fine, and finned. 
So she’s left now, on a whim. 
She’s just going for a swim, 
to remind herself how to sing. 

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2 Responses to Sea Story

  1. erbiage says:

    Avast ye swab! There’s a siren song worth falling for!

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