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There’s no place like ho(me).

We’ve danced these saffron cobbled streets, somehow summoned heart brains courage and (sorta stolen) a fine pair of crimson shoes.  We’ve pulled back the curtain and seen for certain that wizards witches wars aren’t worth their weight or worry.  We’ve clicked our heels and scurried away from  munchkins meanies monkeys and all manner of nonsense from earth … Continue reading


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Save Me

See, here’s the thing:  I’m no damsel in distress,just ridiculously dressedto the nines when I should have worn sensible shoes, but this damn ball was the endand be-all of my stepmother’s crazy squall, so I tried to comply.  And now (I can’t say exactly … Continue reading

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fill me, quill me

,  for my fingers are feeblesmall sisters that cannot sayanything by them-selves.

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muse me

say hey bard-tender, won’t you please pour me a straight up shot (in the arm) (in the dark) of some rum-bled phrase?  fuse me (shaken, stirred) a word or two to spill, some cocktail napkin poems to fill the time.  lose me to the page, the space -bar rage of fingers flying and syllables sighing in … Continue reading

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Ever, After

Nobody asked her if she wanted to marry the prince.  It was just assumed. She in such dam-sel’d distress, after all. He in shining  armor. She couldn’t even see his face,tell if his eyes were kind. His kisses  came without woo … Continue reading

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