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The Princesses Finally Rage Quit {And Form a Nature Society}

You might find them in the woods, if you can get past the nymphs (who are on their side). They only want the  kiss of breeze, the romance of trees, the squeeeee of mud-lucious squish between unadorned toes. They’re done  with spells and slippers and … Continue reading


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She’s really just a princess in a greenblue gown

The poetry of earth is never dead. – John Keats  :: She laughs in flowersstrikes the violin strings of stormhums in birdwing to remind us life’s a song.  Her dance is treeswayshimmered moonspill on the seathe thrum of heart to ocean wave.  She … Continue reading

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Aubade with eggshell shards

The day cracks open (again) too soon, all broken yolk goo and too-bright sky.  She wasn’t quite finished with that silken moon, the silver-blackeyed promises of stars.  It’s got sharp edges and a bird-song sting, too many things and not enough salt.  ::PAD, day 22.

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