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He’s got a big ol’ watch and (apparently) some kind of (very important) date. We don’t know what (we’re all mad here.)  Frankly, he’s quite frantic and perhaps it’s pedantic, but we’d really like to help the poor fella hop along.  We’d ask Alice, but she’s currently wee, and Tweedle Dum and … Continue reading


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Giggles at 3, Guffaws at 5

It’s happy (ever after) hour in the forest of the wayward princess wildlings.  They’ve been shaken by trees, and stirred by breeze, and they’re ready for another round of pixie pickup sticks.  The river’s flowing fineand so’s the blackberry wine, and they’ll share if you dare to shed your crown and stick around.  … Continue reading

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Midnight on the Steps at the Ball

She’s due to throw a shoe,  but she’s thinking about saying (bibbidi bobbidi)boo to the whole thing, and just making a fine pumpkin stew.  :: PAD, day 23.

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