How Many Princesses Does It Take to Start a Revolution?

Cinder goes by Ella now,
and she and Belle agree
that if they can get Snow to show 
the magic number’s 3. 

Might a quartet be better? 
that trio does suppose,
so once she’s had a tiny nap
they wake up Briar Rose. 

Why not five? Keep hope alive,
and cast in all our crowns! 
So Jasmine flies in on her rug 
and they all trade their gowns 

for camouflage and chamomile 
(to fuel them, calm their nerves). 
Tiana (frogless) hops on in; 
sweet tea is what she serves. 

Rapunzel’s late, by just a hair. 
The mermaid leaves her cove.  
And fed up with corsets and society, 
the rest all come in droves.

They’ve got arsenals of giggle
-guns, and daisy-chain dimples amassed,
but if you truly mess with them, 
they’re apt to kick your ass. 

These Wayward Wildlings simply want 
a kingdom to call their own. 
They’ve got bare feet, books and dragons 
and a place that feels like home. 

Beware, all who dare to enter these woods: 
you’ll want to stay a month or two. 
Princesses by the dozens (plus their fairies and their cousins) 
have waged and won this war. Won’t you? 


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9 Responses to How Many Princesses Does It Take to Start a Revolution?

  1. Candace says:

    I’m lovin’ all your fairy tale mash-ups. You are the Queen of Whimsy!

  2. Marie Elena says:

    Your imagination and wordplay are downright dangerous! Oh my word, De! 😀

  3. Ingrid says:

    Ass-kicking princesses: love it!

  4. peach says:

    You are so very talented. All I can do is sit back and watch in awe. I am astounded by your gifts. I never want April to end.

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