thought, caught

The best gesture of my brain is less than 
your eyelids’ flutter which says 
we are for each other 
– E. E. Cummings, since feeling is first 

You know, on second thought, gum would be perfection. 
– Chandler Bing, Friends 


it’s sticky, 
this one. couldn’t 
get it off my 
(inky fingers) 
mind, and then you 
winked and i blinked 
and it was gone. 

if i am a lucky 
bum, and chew on it 
awhile, it will come 
again and smile at me. 
or so i’m 
though it might just 
get a chokehold 
on my 
muse if i do
not tread softly. 

muddled, rum
-bled, it’s trouble. 

we open veins 
and watch the words 
-gum bum into phrase,
sticky picky things 
that have often long
lost their flavor. 

we favor flutter. 
of eyes, of leaves. 
of ruffled trees that say 
we might click and clack 
and bark another day. 

PAD, day 25.

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