Wander World

they’re barefoot and barefaced 
and the only crowns they wear 
are daisy-chained. 

They’re stained in wild 
berries and luscious mud and 
maple syrup. 

They’re warriors 
of whimsy, wildlings writing 
their own stories with
sticky fingers and hearts 
finally given a chance. 

The night sky’s 
their only gown
and they’ve doubled 
down on gumdrops,
giggles and glee. 

And if you peek 
in just after midnight, 
you’ll see
they’ve trained the dragons 
to dance. 

PAD, day 26.

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1 Response to Wander World

  1. peach says:

    So adorable. Love it. ❤

    My favorite:
    “they’ve doubled
    down on gumdrops,
    giggles and glee”

    I miss this so much:
    “They’re stained in wild

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