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Believing in Magic

It’s easy, here in Wildling Wood,where the moon casts her nightly spell. She tells  the sky just how to brew and spill its starry secrets.  The flowers bow and curtsy to the passing breeze, a whimsy’d waltz.  Dragons dance with nymphsand every soul gets a second … Continue reading

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here there be dragons

we be -lieve in them, of course as we have seen them withour own eyes.  their embered breath,spiking the sky.  their spangled skin, tangled in scars.  imagine our delight to find they’re on our side,joining our nightly fire-dance, and teaching                                         us                                                  to                                                                          fly.  ::PAD, day 27.

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Infinite, by Guest Poet Abby Jackson

“In this moment…I swear…we are infinite.” – The Perks of Being a Wallflower  This was supposed to be our infinite Our one final cheerOur infinite, imperfect, imbalanced, senior yearInfectedImpededImbalancedUnclearImprisoned, robbed of our last souvenir Enclosed by all of these in, im’s, and … Continue reading

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