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Twin Flame, by Guest Poet (and Artist) Abby Jackson

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Sevenling (Evening the Score)

:: Evening the score the playing field our un-fisted, twisted hands, we stand in awe of sky of star-sparked why of poker-faced moon.  In the end, odds are, we’re even.  ::

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Sunset in Wildling Wood

They gather in their daisy-chain crowns and their mudlucious feetto drink in that golden stone falling.  They clasp hands and stand with faces draped in tangerine glowkissed only by a tower of shine.  They sigh. That feisty moon rises. And the shenanigans begin. 

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I have followed you all in here and now I don’t know what to do with my hands.

{wallflower warblings}  Cocktail hour has begun at sun -set and I have yet to say a word.  The introvert in me just wants to flee but the exit’s far and my  RSVP said yes. (Oh, why did I say yes?) So I guess I’ll just … Continue reading

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