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#run one more

until legs and lungs are soreuntil you’ve evened the score with your busy, bossy brain.  just get up with the sun and put on the shoes and choose to run away. 

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slightly used

a bit abused,but still in working order. beats fine. runs sometimes, but only races the breeze. resuscitated in ’96, now clicks and ticks to the rhythm of true. slightly ask-ew about the world, and words. often absurd in both size and scope. a little tender, thin-skinned. inquire … Continue reading

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three ways to smash a plum

i.squish that sucker with your thumb,purple-golden pulp oozing through your hungry hands.  ii. chew your way through until your lips are blue and your tongue is tangedand tinged with indigo.  iii. plonk! it against the wall an unresponsive ball once so sweet and so cold,now begging for forgiveness. Kim’s got … Continue reading

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pilfering wishes under a pockmarked sky

after we’ve said all there is to sighwe stand , scooping fallen stars into our cupped hands.  written for twiglets. come play!

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