slightly used

a bit abused,
but still in working 
order. beats fine. runs 
sometimes, but only races 
the breeze. resuscitated in 
’96, now clicks and ticks to 
the rhythm of true. slightly ask
-ew about the world, and words. 
often absurd in both size and scope. 
a little tender, thin-skinned. inquire within. 

Written for Poetic Asides. Come play!

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2 Responses to slightly used

  1. Shawna says:

    I love the line break after “in working.” It feels very spiritual.

    Love this:
    the breeze. resuscitated in
    ’96” (my high-school graduation year!)

    And that awesome “ask/ew” cleverness!

  2. Mother Wintermoon says:

    Ha. Excellent! The “ew” nailed it!

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