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Leave your cares behind 

, at the Careen Canteen. Zip-zoom into something sipped, from sun-kissed chamomile tea to rum -bled phrase on the rocks, times three.  Come on in, here’s a g(r)inwith a hint of wry.  Before last call, we’ll shakeit all (fears, hope) into a slow-stirred sky.  It’s Quadrille Monday at dVerse, and … Continue reading

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let’s write in crayon today 

, and let the world say what it will. we’ve had our fill of all this summed-up sorrow.  let’s fingerpaint the skyand swoon and sway and say the most colorful phrases  on our tired minds. let’s cuss and discuss which way is up and form an … Continue reading

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a postcard to my sometimes self 

wish you were hearing the whisper of trees the wisdom of breeze and hum-twitter buzz, eyes held by dragon-stir of clouds and deep sigh-sky.  wish you were here in this moment before it wanders right on by.  In November, we poem.

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