let’s write in crayon today 

and let the world say 
what it will. we’ve had our fill 
of all this summed-up sorrow. 

let’s fingerpaint the sky
and swoon and sway and say 
the most colorful phrases 

on our tired minds. let’s cuss 
and discuss which way is up 
and form an arrow of sparrow 

wings to guide our way. let’s 
just pay ourselves in pencils
and erase the face of fear. 

i think i’ve got a turquoise 
marker in my right 
back pocket. let’s draw a 

line in the sand and land 
where we may,

spirograph a laugh
and crayola wax and 
wane our way to moon. 

you distract the stars;
i’ll sharpie her 
a smiley face. 

In November, we poem.

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7 Responses to let’s write in crayon today 

  1. I adore the way in which you play with words. In an angst-filled world you lighten the load and make us remember joy!

  2. a fun poem to read – full of charming ideas (and some very nice internal rhymes too)

  3. Kir Piccini says:

    The artist is in!
    What a beautiful way to create. 🙂

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