dragon rave 

they’re all scales and tails 
and violence, until the rum 
hits just right, and the night 
turns starry-eyed and quiet. 

it starts with the hum 
of the toothless one 
and then the green-striped 
gronk joins in. it’s a victory 

song, for they’ve fought hard 
and long and finally won the 
heart of the princess, the 
favor of the king. they sing 

until their embered breath 
scorches the sky and they dance-fly 
by on lighter wings. We know by dawn 
they’ll all be gone, disappeared 

back into coves and caves. but 
for now we watch it all unfold, 
their souls and skin and songs within
all spangled by a broken sky. 

Forgot to post again yesterday. In November we poem.

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2 Responses to dragon rave 

  1. psyche says:

    Love the whole thing—especially the title. ❤

    Glow sticks, I hope!

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