Wildling Wood 

The princesses are at it again 
with their grins 
and their gin 
and their tutu spin. 

They’ve all been given second 
chances and seconds of cake. 

They’ve long shed their corsets 
and their crowns 
and their pumps 
and their frowns 
and the promises 
of being “saved” 
and decided 
to gambol with dragons 
(who haven’t quite 
finished their rave.) 

They’re quite happy here 
among the trees 

with their toes in mud 
and their hair loosed 
to breeze and their nimble 
fingers spinning new stories 
out of sunrise gold. 

They’ve been told 
they’re a little bit crazy 
and a little bit lazy 
and a whole lot of trouble. 

(They don’t give 
such things a second 

if you come back a little 
later, they might entertain 
the thought of 
saving you 
a dance. 


In November, we poem. The Wayward Princesses of Wildling Wood are at it again.

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3 Responses to Wildling Wood 

  1. iidorun says:

    These are the princesses I would have loved to read about growing up!

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