Daily Archives: November 9, 2021

So Much for Their Happy Endings 

They came here (to Wildling Wood, in case you’ve only just joined us) to be alone, free from thrones and overbearing stepmothers and glass slippers and princes still thinking slaying the dragon is the right way to go.  Hey, even the fairy godmother grows tiresome in the end.  What … Continue reading


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Aubade with Yolk on Its Face 

:: And suddenly the day’s cracked open like a broken storm,with me alone at center.  :: In November, we poem. This one’s an aubade.

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Per Sonnet Non Grata 

this poem is not about love or plums or counting ways or red red roses(or wheelbarrows).  it’s too staccato for a sonnetand refuses to put on a fetching bonnet or a corset or a fine feathered hat. (take that, Miss Austen.)  it’s got no sense nor sensibility, no … Continue reading

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