November Rush 

The sky’s a crush of blue on blue 
with every blue in between, and 

we’ve seen our share of dragon 
clouds. Autumn breeze has caught 

the crimson gold treeskirts off guard, 
and they’re shedding fast. At last 

we’ve got a slight chill and I wish 
I could still the days and sit awhile, 

warm drink in unbusy hands and a quiet
smile busting open my thankful heart. 

In November, we poem.

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8 Responses to November Rush 

  1. Those first lines and those last lines are so good

  2. Kir Piccini says:

    How loverly it is to imagine the bluest skies and the warmest drink and the most unhurried of days.

    simply perfect.

  3. Shawna says:

    Beautiful ending.

    I love the sky as a blue Crush flavor!!!
    (“The sky’s a crush of blue”) And the way you drive that home toward the end when you make it warm.

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