When the sun goes down and tomorrow isn’t promised

blow our breaths loose 
and wonderwish a way 
to say  

the stilted 
of our long-lost 

we sold our souls 
for a star,
and we’re sorry. 

we hold our breaths 
for a silver-sliver of moon, 
a shiver of silence. 


It’s Quadrille Monday over at dVerse, and Merril has an awesome prompt for us. Come play!

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42 Responses to When the sun goes down and tomorrow isn’t promised

  1. Shawna says:

    “a shiver of silence”

    I love that.

  2. K.Hartless says:

    “We sold ourselves for a star” what a powerful image.

  3. Arcadia M says:

    Nicely done. I especially like the lines: “we sold our souls /for a star,/and we’re sorry.”

  4. Grace says:

    Love that wonderwish and that last stanza:

    we hold our breaths
    for a silver-sliver of moon,
    a shiver of silence.

  5. Ali Grimshaw says:

    I too love wonderwish and this
    we sold our souls
    for a star,
    and we’re sorry.

    Your words ring as true for me today.

  6. You’ve painted beautiful images with your quadrille!

  7. Ain says:

    We wish, we hope…..the stilted
    of our long-lost
    selves. …….wonderful, and deep….

  8. This piece really sent a shiver down my spine, De.


  9. lynn__ says:

    This spoke to me of being tongue-tied when faced with someone dying, perhaps regrets at the funeral. Thanks, De, it touched my mind and my heart!

  10. Misky says:

    Sold for a star (and maybe a wish). How foolish we are.

  11. So lovely and sad all in one. Well done!

  12. “a shiver of silence” …so evocative!

  13. Bodhirose says:

    Life can be filled with regret but the way you speak of them is is gorgeous, De. I love your beautiful last stanza!

  14. merrildsmith says:

    This is so lovely, De. I love “wonderwish” and “a shiver of silence.”

  15. lillian says:

    This is stunning! wonderwish…..and that last stanza. Beautiful!

  16. bold sounds like a folly… and left in that shiver of silence… stunning

  17. pvcann says:

    Strikes at the heart, well, my heart, a shiver I know deep within.

  18. “shiver of silence” – Beautiful writing, De!

  19. Mish says:

    “we sold our souls
    for a star,
    and we’re sorry”

    Brilliant. So nice to read you, De.

  20. Ingrid says:

    ‘a silver-sliver of moon’ – that’s lovely!

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