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i sing 

, and the blood zings and every metacarpaled thing points to that bony moon. you find me here at the center of the spill and you say “these limbs don’t sway the way they used to” and the trees agree. i wanted … Continue reading

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she named the year wildand first thought of waves(the ocean calls her, always),but then her days her feed her soul began to fill with flowers.  she’s never thought herself a lily, so Luke 12 has always been for the birds.  but wildflowers?                       oh. she’s weaved them in her hair her … Continue reading

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the lion and the owl and the hound and the fox and the grasshopper and the ants and the tortoise and the hare and the many many mice and the golden-egged goose have all gonehome , and all that’s left is that stone -soup moon.  and I, (alone)am still not … Continue reading

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