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mercies new

we can rue this day all we want, rant its shortcomings and moan its faults,  but there’s always another one another run another sun  waiting in the wings.  :: In April, we poem.

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crample-hammed and headed for a nap 

we’ve lost the map and the glisk is fading, so we are saving ourselves for later, bundled  up in moonlight and kindling what is left of our poems, kiddled by the phrases we  once warmed with our own veined ink. we think we’re … Continue reading

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Phoenix Rising 

Surprising, really how fast she finds her wings, cobbles broken things back together  and sets her self (less shattered) back to sun.  She molds a smile from emberedash and tears,  mosaics splintered years into a dragon-armored kite and calls herself wild, child of moon and other borrowed … Continue reading

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