Asking Alice 

The white rabbit’s got a point: 
we’re all late, really,

lost our muchness 
in the suchness of all this sway. 

The moon’s got a wily way of 
spooning us our song, 

hookah’d of a cloud
and puffed out loud over tea. 

See? Drink me says the label, 
and we do, and you 

can bet we’ll come back
for more and tweedle our fingers 

to the dumb shrunken strum of this 
psychedelic sky. Try 

and save me, if you
will, but I’ve spilled myself one too many

times. Beheaded my own heart, jump
-started a rhyme 

with a rabbit-hole won
-der and the blunder of unspent time. 

In April, we poem.

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4 Responses to Asking Alice 

  1. Shawna says:

    “in the suchness“ … I love that rhyme!

    Swooning over this incredible section:
    “to the dumb shrunken strum of this
    psychedelic sky” … heavenly to read aloud

    Ouch … but so good:
    “Beheaded my own heart, jump”

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