paprika poem 

spring flings in; 
we twirl and spin between 
the limbs and dance our

-selves silly. 
the sky’s addicting. 

maybe we’re high 
on dandelion fluff. 
maybe we’ve achoo’d 
our way to sun. 

whatever the reason
we’ve decided spicy’s 
just fine for any scribbled


It’s Quadrille Monday over at dVerse, and Lisa’s got a well-seasoned prompt for us. Come play!

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17 Responses to paprika poem 

  1. Shawna says:

    Oh, I love how you turn “season” into “sea son” by letting that word have a line to itself.

    Also love:
    “dance our
    -selves silly”
    “the sky’s addicting”
    on dandelion fluff”
    “spicy” italicized

  2. msjadeli says:

    Wonderfully spicy title and beginning of a great adventure with your first line. A potent philosophy of “spicy … for any scribbled season.” Lovely poeming, De!

  3. Rob Kistner says:

    Nice De! Whatever the reason, it’s the sneezin’ season here in the PacNW. I think it’s the conifer pollens? When I first glanced at your title, Joni’s “Paprika Plains” flashed in my head — of course, a lot of disconnected stuff been flashin’ in my head recently… flashbacks?

  4. Grace says:

    How marvelous spring is – love the twirling and spinning as the dandelion fluff.

  5. Truedessa says:

    Enjoyed the wordplay and spicy is just fine for any season…

  6. Arcadia M says:

    Great wordplay as usual. Lovely poem.

  7. Ali Grimshaw says:

    “the sky’s addicting.” – Yes, that bright blue against the new green! Your words, full of energy and playfulness, capture the spirit of newness.

  8. hedgewitch says:

    Lovely, light and frothy as spring’s dancing ice-melt, seasoned with just a little spice of life.

  9. Your lovely poem lived up to the spicy title!

  10. Oh it sounds like you do the best with spring despite the sneasing

  11. fireblossom32 says:

    This is so cute and fun!

  12. From title on, you seasoned my day, De.

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