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making sense of sunrise

  we watch it plop up again and again all saffron spinall lozenged hope all miracle-raised invisible string prop.  it slow simmer singes a waking sky while you and i try to make something of its hazy smoke.  is it the dot on a question mark caught by curious sky?  … Continue reading


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smallish dragon visits the library 

fantasy’s not really his thing, but he gets fired up by the true crime. all evidence suggests he’s been here before, as some pageshave gone slightly charred, and others are just missing (sometimes he gets hungry be-fore the thing is solved.)  he’s resolved himself to … Continue reading

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let them eat poems 

(a debacled aubade)  when we’ve had our phil of cake,all we can take of props (and -ganders, gyre and gimble), slander  says (with forked tongue and slithy toves) that we are much too brillig for our britches and flar too mimsy for this moon.  too … Continue reading

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