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Paint the sky a hue that you have never seen. Paint a cave and sit with your own darkness. Paint a wave and ride it to the sun.  Paint with your fingers, toes. Nose. Suppose your body is a brush.                                     Hush. Paint the silence.  … Continue reading

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seeing red 

so it goes: we smile somuch beneath the fear that time  depends on every crimson tear shedupon this fading stage.  a twist of scarlet anger, sea of red; a bed of thorns and roses, a steering wheel to our other darker side, the barrow where we bury what we hide.  glazed and … Continue reading

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the bend in the road 

it’s a question mark, really,a hook a crook pulling us off stage and into the next phase. it’s a dusty, untrusted rusted muffler of a song, a torn page. it’s  the rearview mirror skewed, things closer close-her  than they appear. it’s here  and there and back again, map veins free … Continue reading

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