seeing red 

so it goes: we smile so
much beneath the fear that time  
depends on every crimson tear shed
upon this fading stage. 

a twist of scarlet anger, sea of 
red; a bed of thorns and roses, a steering 
wheel to our other darker side, the 
barrow where we bury what we hide. 

glazed and confused, we fuse our quills
with indigo and silence, spit of 
rain to wash us clean. this
water falls and calls us still, unseen. 

beside the ashes that remain,  
the worlds we ponder stay the same: 
white sheets waiting. broken seas. 
chickens scrabbling in the sun. 


A reverse Golden Shovel based on this poem

For day 6:

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1 Response to seeing red 

  1. Kir Piccini says:

    I love a poem where I can taste and see color…where I can feel the beat of my heart and the salt of the tears. This was colorful chaos of emotions.

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