aubade to broken

the day cracks 
with a scarlet smile 
to hide its mourning. 

that first bird caw 
is the empty gnaw of 
displaced dark. 

we wanted more. 
we wanted all. 
we wanted whole moon
-light, not that 
evil Cheshire cat smile 
broken fingernail 
crescent scar 
now fading. 

In April, we poem.

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2 Responses to aubade to broken

  1. Shawna says:

    “the empty gnaw of
    displaced dark” … gorgeous

    “evil Cheshire cat smile
    broken fingernail
    crescent scar” … I often see that Cheshire smile up there too. I like it. It feels funny, not evil to me—as irksome sideways wisdom and philosophy often come across. Like, “say what? … but tell me more …”

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