wild girls breathe like origami dragons 

we are spun 
-sugar star sisters perched 
on delicate tongues

violet ones savored in tang 
of rain. we swallow scribble. 
we dribble-drizzle rasp

-berry paint over syllable 
and stanza, stained. we’ve 
got ink between our teeth

and hiccup’d giggle-hope
inside our veins. our pen
-chants for fancy are fame

-us. tame us not. we’ve 
caught a whiff of our own 
brave. fold our words on 

to your tinged tongue like 
bumble-bubble gum, and 
sample sip the whimsy’d 

trip, for the love of way
-ward wings, embered sting 
and nibbled grace. 

In April, we poem. And sometimes there are dragons.

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2 Responses to wild girls breathe like origami dragons 

  1. Shawna says:

    lol … you are so awesome

    My faves:
    “We are spun
    -sugar star sisters perched
    on delicate tongues,
    violet ones ”
    “chants for fancy
    [like Applebee’s]”
    “brave” song/movie reference

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