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Power {and other Trips Not Worth Taking} 

Just leave the map behind;  you’ll find yourself just south of (numb)thumb, anyway. Down under. Down.  Bring no friends. Isolation’s key. See, he doesn’t even want you to see the destination,  just the desperate sensation of needing                    (him) something you can’t reach.  Do bring a hat because that’s the only … Continue reading

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on authority of rain 

:: the sky’s in a moodand so are we, puddle lush-ious and fancy-free.  ::

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of those that be 

of powers of hours of far-flung flowers and fluff-wishes that clingto sun. of sway  of breeze and influence of trees, the way they whispersong.  of sky’s command and moon-melt hands that mold our wayward days.  of potent praise and forces of faith to be reckoned with, of energy beguiled.  … Continue reading

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The Significance of Sizeable Dragons 

They’re vast in their spangled skin, gargantuan , stupendous.  Tremendous, reallyhow they fly,become the sky as they blot the sun.  We’ve got a huge crush on the blue one; if you’re patient at sunrise, she sings.  The green giant’s got a secret stash of tinytreasured things.  The puce one’s … Continue reading

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