of those that be 

of powers 
of hours 
of far-flung flowers 
and fluff-wishes that cling
to sun. of sway 

of breeze and influence of 
trees, the way they whisper

of sky’s command 
and moon-melt hands 
that mold our wayward days. 

of potent praise 
and forces of faith 
to be reckoned with, 
of energy beguiled. 

of whiffs and drifts 
and all things caught, 
of captured thought  
and ardent throes of wild. 

In April, we poem.

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1 Response to of those that be 

  1. Shawna says:

    What a tongue-treasure to read aloud. I’d love to read it to a class of big or small ones. ❤

    This is the fun and freedom early writers/readers should be exposed to.

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