Power {and other Trips Not Worth Taking} 

Just leave the map behind;  
you’ll find yourself just south 
thumb, anyway. Down under. Down. 

Bring no friends. Isolation’s 
key. See, he doesn’t even want 
you to see the destination, 

just the desperate sensation 
of needing 
something you can’t reach. 

Do bring a hat 
because that’s 
the only way 
to cap the thoughts 
(don’t say them.) 

The travelin’ tunes will leave 
much to be desired. You’ll grow 
tired of the ranting and the raves. 
Save your breath; he’ll pass out 

Ask the moon how she quiet
-ly wanes. You’ll want to know 
because the shrinking glow 
will be all too familiar. And 
she just might light(en) 
your way. 

Ask yourself how 
many miles more 
you can possibly hang 

Ask for directions 
to rock

And then, 
ask the sun 
how to rise again. 


In April we poem. And sometimes past life sneaks in.

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1 Response to Power {and other Trips Not Worth Taking} 

  1. Shawna says:

    “Ask for directions
    to rock

    Oh my gosh. Those are the very best line breaks ever!

    This poem is heartbreaking. It definitely needed the levity above. There is ALWAYS hope … especially for lighter loads.

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