The Significance of Sizeable Dragons 

They’re vast 
in their spangled skin, 


Tremendous, really
how they fly,
become the sky 
as they blot the sun. 

We’ve got a huge 
crush on the blue 
one; if you’re patient 
at sunrise, she sings. 

The green giant’s got 
a secret stash of tiny
treasured things. 

The puce one’s on a 
power trip, all talon’d 
tricks and princess
-tower saves. 

Saffron’s gone slightly 
rebel-rogue and fallen 
for a knave. 

The scarlet one
(impossible, colossal) 
is obviously in charge. 

Mauve is massive, 
big brown 

and the purple one’s still 
at large. 


For NaPoWriMo, day 11.

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