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Ext: Seaside (Scene 1) 

We fade in on a girl, illuminated onlyby a broken-open moon. She sits alone on a beach with her fingers wrapped around a pen, her toes  in sand. The ocean is our only sound-track. She leans her head back and lets … Continue reading

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Boogey Man Plan 

There’s a Boogey Man in my closet. I’ve seen him, plain as day.  He’s got inky skin and haunted eyesand he whispered “boo! now go away.”  Life itself is scary enough,so I’ll give him a second chance.  I think I’ll buy … Continue reading

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Tuesday Night, 1991 

She’s searching for meaning in the shadows on the ceiling,  some wraith to warn her, ban-shee her way fully awake; there’s a hole in the kitchen wall now  and a ghost of a chance she’ll still stay.  The day’s a fading bruise of forked-tongue … Continue reading

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