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Good Friday

(Guest Poet Justin Jackson) This as written by my incredibly talented hubby quite a few years back, for our church. Performed by spoken word artist Propaganda.

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I Shall Not Math 

Not to be negative, but I’d rather take a bath in acid than account for decimals or denominations.  I shall not dance to algorithms.  No chance.  I shall avoid all metrics, angles and degrees in equal measure.  I shall not solve for Xunless it’s digging for treasure.  You … Continue reading

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Wilding Wood is Not a Waiting Room 

For the record, the wildlings (these wayward rebel-rogue princesses) are not ladies in waiting.  They are not sitting about biding their time until their princes come or their fathers give permission or their fairy godmothers wave the wand.  They’re quite happy here, fond of sun-kissed freckles and filthy feet.  They’re … Continue reading

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