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we wee dragons 

we are the smallish ones, of tiny scales and silver tails sealedin scarlet slip of sky.  we drink from butter-cups and saucer moonto soothe our embered tongues. we sing in hum -mingbird thrum. we wee beasties swallow fallen stars to stoke our shine. and we find  … Continue reading

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We Wildlings 

We wander. We whim. We swim in streams and bathe in moon.  We swoon over sunrise, or we sometimes we sleep in. We’ve  cast our shoes to chasms and collapse in fits and spasm of  laughter. We’ve decided happy (ever after) means home among  the … Continue reading

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five {crazy} answers to the sane question 

i.smallish voodoo dolls shaped like dragons, lined up in opposite roygbiv.  ii.crocus-crocodiles pushing up snow with icy stamin teeth.  iii.a brief respite from the wind: a corner news-stand. ink.  iv.a wide maw of sky; a smudge of stars.  v. but nobody asked  you? true.  ::Today’s attempt for NaPoWriMo, day 18.

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Murder of One 

There’s a lone crow on a power                                        (trip) line, squawking about somethingor other, and we’ve discovered there is nothing left to say.  Somehow, we are both here                (there, anywhere, nowhere) too lateand too soon.  Our only remaining evidence: this chalk outline                               moon.  :: It’s Quadrille Monday over at … Continue reading

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