we wee dragons 

we are the smallish 
ones, of tiny scales 
and silver tails sealed
in scarlet slip of sky. 

we drink from butter
-cups and saucer moon
to soothe our embered 
tongues. we sing in hum

-mingbird thrum. we 
wee beasties swallow 
fallen stars to stoke 
our shine. and we find 

our wee wings to be 
quite strong when we 
exhale deep and 
point them at the sun.  


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1 Response to we wee dragons 

  1. Shawna says:

    It would be logical if your poems got less good as the month progressed, but they have not!

    “we drink from butter
    -cups and saucer moon” … Love. Even just “we drink from butter”—as a color, not a food. 🙂 As in, pale gold. A liquid treasure of some sort. A healing agent or fountain of youth. Something candyish in Wonka’s factory. Yes, an undiscovered butterscotch river.

    “we beasties swallow” … Have you watched those froggy videos??? My daughter does the best mimickry of that!

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