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purple tigers in curious snow 

it’s only once (maybe twice) in a blue moon that we know what we’re doing. we of the viole(n)t fingers. we of the ivory page. we scrape our inky stripes and cage our own roared voices into petaled phrase in hopes of taming heart. we start withthorn and scratch our … Continue reading

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The Things They Carried 

The moonlight on their backs, the fading tracks of barefoot sand.  Empty hands, and the barely there weight of silence.  :: In April, we poem.

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Divine Directives 

Hush.  See? Earth’s not in a rush and we should not be either. She’s quiet -ly turning, not yearning for speed. She’s all tiny flit and flutter, tide  and teaspooned time. Take a breathand hold it like a swallowed moon.  Swoon for … Continue reading

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poem stitched in sidewalk chalk 

this poem is neither here nor there,line nor square               (one).  she has scrib-bled her-self in sidewalk chalk, and then hopscotched across her own bright skin,left just one small skipping stone within.  shhh.she’s still here,still stained. waiting for rain.  :: In April, we poem. This is also a second … Continue reading

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