(another poem gone rogue) 

It’s not my fault,

This poem has chosen 
her own name. 

Also her own war
-drobe, which somewhat explains 
the periwinkle pointed hat 
and purple pumps with 
stripey socks 
(what is she, a witch?) 

Hey, at least it’s not her birthday 
like last time. 

Duly donned and smartly rhymed,
she has informed me she 
would be quite content  
to meet you in her tree 
-house. I cannot recommend 
this, as she is fond 
of playing double 
among the leafy fronds. 

She’s borrowed a dozen
hyphens from her sister, 
Fiberloo. She’s full of spun 
sugar and sparkle-glue 
and she’s wielding finger
-paints with glee. 

Oh, lort. Now there’s a 
wayward lemur involved. 
And a smallish dragon 
who has just accidentally 
burned his own tongue. 

Anybody got a spare back
-space key? 

I need more coffee. I need a nap. 
I need to slap this poem 
on the knee and send her to bed. 


I think I shall see if my plum 
tutu is clean and lean 
into all this silly
-ness. Perhaps we shall sip
pink peppermint tea, and play 
a game or two of giggle-guide
and seek. 

Annnnnd now she’s made a big 
unmetered moon 
-pie mess. 

Oh, bless. 

In April, we poem.
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1 Response to Flibbertigibbet

  1. Shawna says:

    That title, sheesh!

    This is the very best possible thing you can do with “war.” So very redeeming to suffix it with “drobe.”

    Periwinkle and purple are perfect personality matches.

    That whole bit about the treehouse was so much fun.

    Love love love:
    “She’s borrowed a dozen
    hyphens from her sister,
    Fiberloo. She’s full of spun
    sugar and sparkle-glue”

    “Oh, lort” made me snort!

    Nuts (no bolts) over the last full stanza.

    “moon pie mess”—giggles

    How are you still writing this well after the 20th of April??? You are seriously blowing my mind.

    I think this is your best collection yet. Well done, love.

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