humming schwä

we uh 
at that saffron balloon 
seizing the sky
and we’re listening 
for the bumble-buzz 
of bee
and be. 

the world is all 
squawk squawk squawk 
and talk of war
-nings and fire and we 
have to warble loud 
to stay un

it’s best to pencil 
in the rest, slow slur 
-blur shades of graphite, 
whispered to a murmured 

perhaps the purring 
trees will have something 
less to say. quiet now, 


and let’s just tre(m)ble 
clef the rest. 

In April, we poem.

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2 Responses to humming schwä

  1. This poem is so lovely on so many levels.

  2. Shawna says:

    “saffron balloon

    Gah, that’s gorgeous.

    Crazy about the title. Deeply feel the sentiment of the whole poem.

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