Study Hall & -Otes 

We’ve both got Biology 
homework and so we start 
there and Mr. G. is in charge 
of all us derelicts today any
-way so if we have any 
questions, he’s here. 

(Although he’s the one who 
always says “Better to keep 
your mouth closed and remain
a fool than to open it and remove
all doubt,” so maybe I’ll just 
sit here and copy yours.) 

And I mean your mouth, 
not your homework, because 
that’s what my pencil wants to 
etch in my 
notebook, even though I’m 
supposed to be listing the 
differences between pro
-karyotes and eukaryotes
but all I can think is that 
your kiss is on my list and 
maybe if I’m very very quiet 
                (and cute) 
you’ll ask me to 
Friday’s dance or at least 
look at me 
and smile. 

Do the prok’s and the euk’s 
dance? I know one’s got some 
kind of membrane in the center
and I envy that guy because 
I’m feeling all exposed. I knew 
I should have taken Bio 101 fourth
period instead, to remove all 

        d. i. s. t. r. a. c. t. i. o. n. 

Up next: algebraic fractions. 

But I’m still sitting here, half 
of what I was last summer. 
And still trying to solve my 


In April, we poem.

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5 Responses to Study Hall & -Otes 

  1. Shawna says:

    That title, Girl!!! Ingenious. ❤

    I have to go listen to the song you referenced; I don’t actually know their music, just the name of the band.

    Love this section:
    “And I mean your mouth,
    not your homework, because
    that’s what my pencil wants …”

    What you did with the cell stuff is so clever.

    “maybe if I’m very very quiet
    (and cute)”

    “I know one’s got some
    kind of membrane in the center
    and I envy that guy because
    I’m feeling all exposed.” … That is an awful, awful feeling. My daughter is hitting the age of boys asking her out, and she keeps saying no, thinking they’re joking. I hope all my girls keep that up—the only way to not lose friends is to not have boyfriends. That’s what I tell them. I hope they enjoy the attention but don’t ever put their hearts or bodies on platters. 😦

    I love what you did with “distraction,” drawing it out, slowing it down, stretching it. It kind of makes me want to look for anagrams.

    Ugh, those last four lines!!! Girl, you are really a brilliant poet. I so hope you keep writing after April, though I know you are busy.

  2. Ron Rowland says:

    Love it (from a Hall & Oates, blue-eyed soul fan).

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