conspiring with dragons 

forgive us, 
but we’ve become members 
with their embers. we are 
also in cahoots with the grass 
-roots efforts of faeries, and 
flowers. we now spend hours
and hours scheming with that 
sky and her conniving moon. 

all this cons
-piracy has caused us to 
paint our sails with skulls 
and collaborate with claws
and cabal’d stones. collusion’s
where it’s at with the Cheshire
cat, and we’re laying 
                 (drink me) 
plans for future thrones. 

there’s a significant reason 
for all this treasured treason; 

all this aiding and abetting 
makes sure no one can pur
-loin us. 

these playful ploys move fast, so 
the heartbeat quickens. 

hey, if you’re the consort
-ing sort, you can join us. 

           (the plot thickens.) 

In April, we poem.


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