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Poem with Gum on its Shoe 

So it’s dawn and you and I are watching that fat sun smudge on up like an eager preschooler went to town with his Yellow-Orange Crayola and the sea air smells like some yahoo  boiled a lobster yesterday and forgot to throw the (bath)water out with … Continue reading

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That Time the Supervillains Stopped by Wilding Wood 

So, the Wildlings (those wayward rebel-rogue princesses) thought they’d thought of everything – with tricks and traps and surly dragons to guard against nosey princes and bully kings – until the Supervillain Infiltration of 2022.  Those crafty maleficent heels bribed the dragons with shiny things and sang … Continue reading

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supervillain poem 

this poem is a cad,not a single scad of good, super -latively bad.  she’s had it with meter and goodie-two-shoes rhyme and perfect                 timing. she’s looking (in Gothamin Valhallain Suburbia) for an es-cape.  (she can’t fly, but she’ll try.) she’s horrible and incorrigible and evil to the … Continue reading

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