a faithful family. a good map jaunt. 
her dad’s green eyes. her mama’s smile. 

the firmest of foundations. 
a fair shake, a good start. 

sometimes she carries her gifts like burdens,
small curse words on curious tongue: 

fingers that crave ink,
and a two-sizes-too-big heart. 

Day 29 for NaPoWriMo.

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1 Response to birthrights

  1. Jim says:

    Nice beginning’s tale. Reminds me of my paternal grandfather, he chewed tobacco and cussed the most of any in our family. As I’m thinking though I don’t remember him taking the Lord’s name in vain. ( The popular now-a-day “OMG’s really bother me.)
    Thank you for giving my car a brand make. I still kick myself for not buying a Jaguar soft-top back when I worked for Ford with Ford owning Jaguar Company.

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