Last-Chance Gas 

We stop
against our better judgement, 
even though we’ve barely got 
a dime between us and we shoulda 
used it for laundry because your last 
t-shirt is starting to smell like that 
rest stop two towns back. 

The black 
black pavement just keeps on 
moving and that dot-to-dot line is a 
golden ellipses to the next thing but 
we don’t know what that is and so 
maybe we should just keep cranking 
up the Stones and keep on rolling. 

But we’re 
on E, see? And it doesn’t stand for 
everything or anything, really, except 
that everything’s a mess and even 
with a full tank I’d be empty 
of common sense and still endlessly 
edging myself into eventual eclipse.  

And maybe 
here’s where I get out. Get off this 
crazy ride and hide and find myself 
again right here in the middle of…
Kansas? Nebraska? Where are we? 
So maybe not. Not quite yet. But 
it’s fuel for thought. 


In April, we poem.

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1 Response to Last-Chance Gas 

  1. Ron Rowland says:

    The title and the story it tells reminds me of “The Last Chance Texaco” by Rickie Lee Jones

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